The worlds smallest wireless energy sensor


IEC 61557-12 PMD/DD/K55/1
PowerTags are energy sensor modules for 1P, 1P+N, 3P and 3P+N networks. They are mounted directly on equipment of the Acti 9 or Multi 9 range at intervals of 18 mm up to 63 A.

Combined with Acti 9 Smartlink SI B (Ethernet) or Acti 9 Smartlink SI D (Ethernet) by radio-frequency communication, PowerTag sensors measure the following values in accordance with the IEC 61557-12 standard
b Cumulative active energy, total and partial (kWh).
b Rms values:
v phase-to-neutral and phase-to-phase voltages (V),
v currents per phase (A),
v total active power and active power per phase (W),
v power factor.
Installed upstream or downstream of a protective device, they measure useful data for diagnosis of the associated circuit.
b Class 1 measurement accuracy of energy and current, and class 0.5 of voltage.

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